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“If our tool has been tested successfully in large data centers in Spain, there a business opportunity for the search of customers in other countries”

Data centers required a special environment in which to operate,  If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely. It is necessary to provide the way to monitoring all dangerous variables to keep a temperature range of 16–24 °C (61–75 °F) and humidity range of 40–55% with a maximum dew point of 15 °C as optimal for data center conditions, as defined by  “American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers” (ASHRAE); of no use, to have the latest technology in refrigeration efficient if we do not have a good measurement system and alerts, traceability, registration and a good overview of early warning systems, SMS, SNMP, SMTP, and the possibility of starting emergency equipment or shut down servers when alerts occur. All of these utilities and many more is offered by the IP control systems of Domodesk, SENSATEL.

Domodesk, is a Spanish company working in control systems since 1998, their systems are being used by large data processing centers of the country (ask for references), amen of other specific applications where it is important to have the information of analog variables.This broad experience enables us to have the programming resources and enough equipment to undertake projects of control of any type and size, a way to make existing HVAC smarter and not spend fortunes in intelligent networked HVAC systems.

Welcome to the implementation of industrial control sensing and Domodesk via TCP / IP, developed on the principles of User Friendly – Easy installation and professional requirements more common in control environments.

Because of its versatility this software can be used from the Data Processing Centers more professionals (CPD / Data Center) to industrial facilities where needed or tertiary control, registration, and visualization of variables and subsequent execution of automatic alert or (p . eg poultry farms, laboratories, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, BIO-Pharma, building management systems, energy management, IT / Server Rooms, etc).
A simple, graphical and easy to install and use (compared to other utilities more complex to install, manage and use such as Nagios, GroundWork, etc), for monitoring, temperature and humidity control with SNMP alerts, SMTP, GSM / SMS, actuators and luminous sound, Off Servers, etc.., In data processing centers and other industrial or tertiary environments where necessary to control environmental variables.
Able to use various hardware controllers Ethernet, USB, ZigBee ™ SENSATEL easily with wired and wireless devices (eg DD-6400, DD-6500, DD-6405, etc) supported and accessories (eg DD -6301, DD-6303, etc.), optional, we will:

* Read values of temperature, relative humidity, presence of light, presence of power, dry contact for integration with other warning systems (péj. Smoke, Flood, etc.) -With optional probes-
* Centralization of measuring / monitoring of an unlimited number of hardware devices
* Storage of sensor values for statistical purposes and / or historical. Export of such data to other standard formats.
* Off Server
* View real-time graphics that may contain highly configurable number of steps.
* Provide ability to read SNMP data / status and generation of traps to alerts occurred in the controlled devices.
* Generation of programmable alert to conditions from the measured values  with an opportunity to respond by acting on outputs.
* Sending messages to email, SMTP e-mail messages or GSM / SMS. In SMS you can use an additional hardware module or gateway existing external (eg Ozeki NG).
* Manual control of TTL digital outputs, relays, relay modules or external wireless outlets for the DD-6400.
Depending on the license purchased
SENSATEL is a network monitoring solution, consists of two distinct functional elements that are the service and client. The service is responsible for communication with the hardware, data storage, management of alerts and incidents, and so on. The customer is responsible for displaying all the information the user also allowing system reconfiguration. Multiple clients can connect to the same service using TCP / IP management / distributed visualization.

The application service must be installed on a machine that runs continuously. By default whenever you install a client with the service. If you want to use remote clients can be installed on any PC with TCP / IP with the machine running the service (local or remote).
Each license provides SENTATEL a license certificate to monitor one (1) device capable of measuring and / or control over IP. Understand by “device” any device on the network which may be used from the application with its own IP address. Additional device licenses can be purchased separately.
If you need additional features like the ability to display full-screen values “full custom”, videos, calculating average values, put data in the cloud (Cloud Management) , or use your own hardware measurement / control (p.ej MODBUS integration), consult with us.

Other custom control modules can be quoted to customer demand (specific control of air conditioners, special controls, etc.)

1st June 2012, Valencia-SPAIN

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